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rebar3 partisan template

I created a rebar3 template to start a partisan project, the template is here:

rebar3 partisan template

What is partisan? from the docs:

Partisan is the technology that provides Lasp's scalable cluster
membership. Partisan bypasses the use of Distributed Erlang for manual
connection management via TCP, and has several pluggable backends for
different deployment scenarios.

To use:

mkdir -p ~/.config/rebar3/templates
git clone ~/.config/rebar3/templates/rebar3_template_partisan
rebar3 new rebar3_template_partisan name=party
cd party
make release
make console


make devrel

# on 3 different shells
make dev1-console
make dev2-console
make dev3-console

# join all nodes:
make devrel-join

# check node members
make devrel-status

# join node1 to node2 manually:
./_build/dev1/rel/party/bin/party-admin cluster join party2@

# check node1 members
./_build/dev1/rel/party/bin/party-admin cluster members

# check node1 connections
./_build/dev1/rel/party/bin/party-admin cluster connections

A video to show how to use:


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