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Playing with Lasp in a 3 Node Cluster

After playing with Lasp in a single node in the previous post: Playing with Lasp and CRDTs

I created a rebar3 template to easily setup a 3 node cluster to play with Lasp where it shines, in a distributed environment.

Install rebar3 if you haven't already.

then install this template:

mkdir -p ~/.config/rebar3/templates
git clone ~/.config/rebar3/templates/rebar3_template_lasp


rebar3 new rebar3_template_lasp name=laspy
cd laspy

    # build the 3 node cluster
make devrel

# on 3 different shells
make dev1-console
make dev2-console
make dev3-console

# join all nodes:
make devrel-join

# check node members
make devrel-status

On one of the nodes' shell run:

Key1 = <<"key1">>.
Key2 = <<"key2">>.
Timestamp = fun () -> erlang:unique_integer([monotonic, positive]) end.

AwMapType = {state_awmap, [state_mvregister]}.
AwMapVarName = <<"awmap">>.
AwMapVal = #{what => i_am_an_awmap_value}.

% declare the variable
{ok, {AwMap, _, _, _}} = lasp:declare({AwMapVarName, AwMapType}, AwMapType).

% update its content setting Key1 = AwMapVal
{ok, {AwMap1, _, _, _}} = lasp:update(AwMap, {apply, Key1,
                                              {set, Timestamp(), AwMapVal}},
% timestamp argument is not needed in mvregister, it's only for compatibility
% with lwwregister
{ok, _} = lasp:update(AwMap, {apply, Key1, {set, nil, AwMapVal}}, self()).

% get the value
{ok, AwMapRes} = lasp:query(AwMap1).

% {ok,[{<<"key1">>, {set, ...#{what => i_am_an_awmap_value} ... }}]}

[{_, AwMapSet}] = AwMapRes.
% [#{what => i_am_an_awmap_value}]

On another one run:

{ok, AwMapRes} = lasp:query({<<"awmap">>,{state_awmap,[state_mvregister]}}).


[{_, AwMapSet}] = AwMapRes.

You should get:

[#{what => i_am_an_awmap_value}]

All the examples from the previous post should run.

A termcast (?) of the process:

Happy Lasping!


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