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Riak Core on Partisan on Elixir Tutorial: Resources

A List of resources related to riak_core and partisan.

Riak Core


  • riak_kv: Riak KV itself

  • riak_pg: Distributed process groups with riak_core

  • dalmatinerdb: A fast, distributed metric store

  • riak_test_core: riak_test fork which refactors riak_test to not bo targeted directly towards riak_kv and makes it more library like

  • nkdist: a library to manage Erlang processes evenly distributed in a riak_core cluster

  • riak_id: A clone of Twitter's Snowflake, built on riak_core

  • DottedDB: A prototype of a Dynamo-style distributed key-value database, implementing Server Wide Clocks as the main causality mechanism across the system

  • riak_pipe: riak_pipe allows you to pipe the output of a function on one vnode to the input of a function on another


Partisan Partisan Website


  • Lasp: Lasp is a suite of libraries aimed at providing a comprehensive programming system for planetary scale Elixir and Erlang applications

  • Vonnegut: an append-only log that follows the file format and API of Kafka 1.0

  • Erleans: Erlang Orleans