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Making a GIF out of a folder of PNGs (plus resizing)

I need to update the gif from the Event Fabric landing page and I forgot how I did it last time.

So this time I will write it here as a reminder.

First take the screenshots, I do it the good ol' way by using the browser fullscreen and hitting the screeshot key at almost regular intervals.

That leaves me with a set of screenshots I want to resize, so I run:

mogrify -path small -resize 800x450 *.png


This requires imagemagick to be installed

This will resize all the *.png files in the current folder to 800x450 and write the results into a folder called small.

Now we go to the small folder and generate the gif:

cd small
convert -delay 100 -loop 0 *.png animation.gif

This will greate a gif that transitions every second from the png images and save it in the animation.gif file.


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