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Hi, I'm Mariano Guerra, below is my blog, if you want to learn more about me and what I do check a summary here: or find me on twitter @warianoguerra or mastodon

playing with mercurial API

to make this code be useful a script like this should be run to test

[ -d fresita ] && rm -rf fresita
mkdir fresita
cd fresita
echo "test" > README.txt

my first test script:

import os

from mercurial import ui
from mercurial import commands
from mercurial import localrepo

ui_ = ui.ui()
create = 1
path = os.path.abspath('./fresita')

def repo_initialized(path):
'''return True if the repo is already initialized'''
return os.path.isdir(os.path.join(path, '.hg'))

if repo_initialized(path):
create = 0

repo = localrepo.localrepository(ui_, path, create)
modified, added, removed, deleted, unknown, ignored, clean = repo.status()

print 'modified', modified
print 'added', added
print 'removed', removed
print 'deleted', deleted
print 'unknown', unknown
print 'ignored', ignored
print 'clean', clean

repo.commit(text="my first commit")

pretty easy :)


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