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Hi, I'm Mariano Guerra, below is my blog, if you want to learn more about me and what I do check a summary here: or find me on twitter @warianoguerra or mastodon

Quotes I

Jmack- i was dreaming of eating a marshmallow
B-dawg- and what happened?
Jmack- when i woke up
b-dawg- then what
Jmack- my pillow was gone......

I once almost kissed a girl but then she woke up.. then i woke up

bendingoutward: last night was so hardcore that i moshed with a guy in a wheelchair.

fuck that AM/PM shit, i'm european, i can have 13:37 every day!

Kris: Happy Pi Day!
Dean: I don't celebrate pi day, but rather pi approximation day on july 22nd or 7/22


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