Papers of the Week VI

Better late than never (even when I read all the papers last week) here is the sixth installment of Papers of the Week.

Starting next week I will try to write the reviews after I read the papers and not almost one week after when my memories are fuzzy :)

The fist one describes an implementation of out of order processing using punctuation, interesting in that it "applies" the concept of punctuation to building a streaming system and analyzes the result.

This one describes an implementation of a storage engine using LSM Trees and a compression technique.

You can read an overview of the next paper and find the link to it at acolyer's paper of the day: Holistic Configuration Management at Facebook, I copy the first paragraph here:

This paper gives a comprehensive description of the use cases, design,
implementation, and usage statistics of a suite of tools that manage
Facebook’s configuration end-to-end, including the frontend products,
backend systems, and mobile apps.

It's a good overview of tools and techniques used to scale and standardize configuration management and how to avoid problems introduced by sloppy configuration management.

The next one is my favorite of the week, it defines a baseline by implementing solutions from other papers that introduce some parallelization strategy by implementing them in a simple single threaded way and benchmarking it against other solutions, then defined a "metric" that describes how many cores are required to match the single thread implementation, as many sites would tell you "the result will amaze you".

The last one for this week surprisingly brought me to the CRDT/Lasp/@cmeik land, when the title didn't seemed to imply that, the crazy fact is that I saw a talk about this paper at RICON 2015 and I didn't remembered the title :)

Some parts where hard for me since it's the first paper I read about CRDTs so I don't have the vocabulary and basic theory in place but it made me think on some interesting applications on the IoT and monitoring spaces.

Papers this week: 5

Papers so far: 29

Papers in queue: 82


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