Papers of the LargeSpanOfTime I

Welp, some day the experiment had to end, I stopped reading 5 papers a week because some books arrived and I read those instead and also because I was busy at work.

But that doesn't mean I didn't read papers at all, so here's a list of the ones I did read.


Since some of them I read them a while ago the reviews may not be really detailed

Cuneiform: A Functional Language for Large Scale Scientific Data Analysis

Seems useful in practice, was expecting something else from the title.

The Stratosphere platform for big data analytics

I remember reading a paper from what later became Apache Flink that I liked a lot, I was looking for that one and I found this one instead (stratosphere became flink), it was an interesting overview, would like to know how much of that is still in flink.

Orleans: Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability

Really good paper, I like how it's written and the idea and implementation.

HyParView: a membership protocol for reliable gossip-based broadcast

Epidemic Broadcast Trees

This too reviewed together because they are like bread and butter, I love both of them, highly recommended.

Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Autonomic Monitoring

I won't lie to you, I don't remember much about this one, but given the authors it must be good :)

Stream Processing with a Spreadsheet

Object Spreadsheets: A New Computational Model for End-User Development of Data-Centric Web Applications

I was looking for ideas and inspiration when I read these two, I liked both, Object Spreadsheets being the most interesting aproach.

A Layered Grammar of Graphics

Great paper, on my top list, maybe because I love the topic :)

Virtual Time and Global States of Distributed Systems

A must read if interested in vector clocks, the non math parts are good, I don't enjoy reading theormes a lot (not their fault).

Papers this looong week: 10

Papers so far: 43

Papers in queue: don't want to count anymore


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