Youtube Video to Audio Download

this is a reminder for myself in the future, I tend to watch/listen to talks when I'm doing something like cooking, cleaning.

but when I'm outside I want to take my music player and the talks tend to be on youtube, so normally I search for "youtube to mp3" and there's some ad ridden site that does that (sometimes)

but today I wanted to learn how to do it from the cli and here is the post that explains it so I can come back int he future to copy paste the commands.

first install youtube-dl and ffmpeg:

sudo yum install youtube-dl ffmpeg

then download your video:


then extract the audio from the video:

ffmpeg -i Music\ Theory\ and\ Performance\ Analysis\ with\ Sebastian\ and\ Czerny-06h21nBqwec.webm -strict experimental -acodec vorbis -ab 128k -vn ./output.ogg

then do whatever you want with the video and the audio


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