Papers of the Week V

I'm already late so let's go:

The first one, Discretized Streams, is the one I liked the most, it's about the the theory behind what became Spark Streaming, really interesting.

The second one is interesting in its introduction of punctuation which it explains really well.

Didn't liked this one too much, doesn't mean it's bad, just that sometimes the title gives me an idea on what it's about and when it's not I loose interest

This one was interesting in its description of different types of windows and the definition of windows sematincs, I get the feeling that if I read it back in some not too distant future I will get a lot more out of it.

More statistical than I tought it would be, but still I learned some things about random sampling. I guess it's one of those papers that are great if you are looking for a solution and this paper tells you what to implement.

Papers this week: 5

Papers so far: 24

Papers in queue: 85 (I cleaned some duplicates and similar papers)


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