Papers of the Week III

No, I didn't gave up, last week was short because of a holyday and a "bridge day" so I was riding my bike through the black forest, but I still read the papers I set up to read by cramming all of them in 3 days :)

First, a classic in distributed systems :)

More on the "topic"

This is a great paper, I guess is one of the first "papers I love"

This one is interesting, much of the content sounds like what the creators of kafka propose, you can see what I mean by watching a talk like "turning the database inside out", and by reading the paper, which is quite short.

Didn't read the paper, just the blog post summary, but it's quite descriptive.

It has an interesting compression technique and a quote I liked:

We found that building a reliable, fault tolerant system was the most time consuming part of the project. While the team prototyped a high performance, compressed, in-memory TSDB in a very short period of time, it took several more months of hard work to make it fault tolerant. However, the advantages of fault tolerance were visible when the system successfully survived both real and simulated failures.

Related to the MacroBase paper:

Papers this week: 4

Papers so far: 14

Papers in queue: 94

It seems I add 30 papers to the queue for each 5 I read, I hope it's not linear :)


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