Install Immutant 1.0 full as a service on debian/ubuntu

Small dump with instructions to install immutant as a service on debian, ubuntu or derivatives.

I adapted the init script that comes with immutant to work on debian:

# install needed packages
sudo apt-get install wget unzip openjdk-7-jdk daemon

# create a dir to download files
mkdir ~/soft
cd ~/soft

# download immutant 1.0 full


# create user that will run the service
sudo adduser jboss-as

# create required folders
sudo cp -r immutant-1.0.0-full/jboss /usr/share/jboss-as/
sudo mkdir -p /var/log/jboss-as /var/run/jboss-as/

# set permissions
sudo chown -R jboss-as.jboss-as /var/log/jboss-as /var/run/jboss-as /usr/share/jboss-as/

# get and install init.d script
sudo wget -O /etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone
sudo chmod u+x /etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone

# register the service
update-rc.d jboss-as-standalone default

# start it
sudo /etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone start


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