[EN] CouchApp IV: creating show functions with html templates

we need to display some entity in its own web page, for that we need to fill an html template with the values of the document stores in the database, a template is a nice fit for this, let's see how we do this in our couchapp

first, create the show function, this is a function that when called displays a document in some format, in our case in HTML

# generate the show function
couchapp generate show dato
# open it with a text editor
vim shows/dato.js

we will see this content

function(doc, req) {  


we replace the content with something like this

function(doc, req) {
if (doc !== null && doc.name) {
var ddoc = this,
Mustache = require("vendor/couchapp/lib/mustache"),
path = require("vendor/couchapp/lib/path").init(req),
assetPath = path.asset();

provides("html", function() {
return Mustache.to_html(ddoc.templates.dato, {
assetPath: assetPath,
doc: doc
else {
return "not found";

here we check that we have a document, if not return "not found", also we create some objects that will help us and finally we render the template passing some values that will be used in the template.

my template is located at templates/dato.html (that's why ddoc.templates.dato) and contains a mustache template, see mustache documentation for information about the format

the url to access this function is [database]/_design/[app]/_show/[showname]/[docid] an example could be http://localhost:5984/datos/_design/datos/_show/dato/6bd97648d74961996c8f0d42b2005761


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