[EN] CouchApp II: fixing the admin party

now that we have our app running we can see a problem in the demo, we don't have authentication, and by default couchdb is in "admin party" mode, read more about the admin party in Couchdb the definitive guide

to fix this we need to go to futon (the admin panel of couchdb) and set up the first admin

go to futon pointing your browser to http://localhost:5984/_utils/index.html

at the bottom right corner of the page you should read something like "Welcome to Admin Party! Everyone is admin. Fix this", click on the link and set the first admin

I will create the admin as "wariano" and password "secret", whenever you see that change for your user and password

if we try to push our couchapp again we will get an unauthorized error, that's because we need to provide credentials to modify the database now, to do this we will edit the .couchapprc again to add the user and password

edit the url from




and try pushing again it should work now, try the demo again using your user and password


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